don’t wanna wear them outside #glow  (at
Q: You seem to post alot of stuff showing feet like on instagram and everything, which makes me think you have some kind of foot fetish lol

lmao I would say shoe fetish?

I don’t post bare feet do I haha

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Kimchi and barbecue pork baguette  (at Keu Banh Mi Deli)
Q: Can you wear you're led trainers in the rain, like how water resistant are they? :)

I’ve not actually worn them out yet because I’m afraid to get them dirty and they’re a bit tight? haha I wouldn’t risk wearing them in like heavy rain though?

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must. not. spend. money.  (at Nike1948)
Q: ♡ omg baby u r beautiful *heart eyes emoji* ♡

thank you haha

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Q: your blog is amazing! i love it ♡

thank you so much! I love your blog :)

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Q: hello! :)


did you have a question or……

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my feet have 46k notesmy face gets about 2 notes lol
new #ootd up on the (at
sunday 🌿 (at
hello again Salem
dinner with the bae  (at Old Spitalfields Market)
you’re the shadow, behind me (at
post-lunch shopping (at Nike1948)