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new outfit up on http://www.thehallowedground.co.uk/2014/10/mltv.html wearing MLTV shirt ( here http://bit.ly/mltvshirt )  (at www.thehallowedground.co.uk)
Q: Omg you're ridiculous Lol

lmao why?

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Q: Hey bro,i'm an huge fan of you since a lot of time. everytime i check your blog. you're my fashion icon and you're the most inspirating person i've ever seen. I wanted to ask you if you could link me the link of your fabrixquare's parka ? Would be nice ! thanks and excuse my english

Hey man, thank you for the kind words! they sold out of the parka I bought but here is a similar one ! 

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I have such a baby face 😪 #ootd  (at www.thehallowedground.co.uk)
Q: How tall are you?

just over 6ft

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bats against the barons - shooting  today @urbanflavours
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these #nike air max boots tho 👌 (at www.thehallowedground.co.uk)
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